04 Aug 2015

Explore all-new packages in DCI V5

With the new DCI service comes brand new business growth options, and we’ve got a DCI package designed to suit the business you have now as well as the business you want to grow to be.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise looking to expand further, a larger business planning your growth strategy or a blue-chip company requiring full control of all potential sales information, DCI is the only solution with a package to suit your unique business needs.

Explore the brand new package options available through DCI V5 now.


Combining the core tools that will help your business discover profitable new contracting opportunities, supported by the additional intelligence you need to stay ahead of the competition.

DCI Essential provides you with our core tools in a single offering, including Contract Alerts, Market Intelligence and Spend Analysis.


An enhanced solution designed to accelerate your growth while minimising your risk of missing potential opportunities.

DCI Premium provides everything included in DCI Essential plus Market Leads.


Providing everything an organisation working cross-sector or cross-region will need to maximise their business potential in a single tailored and intuitive business tool.

DCI Ultimate provides all of DCI’s core elements – Contract Alerts, Market Intelligence, Spend Analysis and Market Leads – plus functionality allowing you to fully streamline the intelligence you wish to receive.


We understand that your company may have the need for multiple users with different accounts and profiles.

With DCI Enterprise there is no limit to your levels of access – the number of additional users literally is unlimited.

Not only that, your additional users can select from any one of our DCI products, giving them their own unique access, distinct from the main user and giving your business a completely tailored solution.

DCI Enterprise is available with the entire range of DCI packages.

Take a look at the full suite of DCI packages to find the perfect one for your business ambitions.

Find what suits you