How DCI Works

We have worked with thousands of suppliers over many years and we know their challenges and frustrations when trying to win business in the defence sector and wider public sector – TIME, KNOWLEDGE and COST.

As experts in helping suppliers win MOD tenders we have the tools and experience through DCI to overcome these barriers to success.

Through its unique combination of technology, insights and unrivalled support, DCI helps is the software of choice for defence suppliers globally.

Defence Contract Alerts and Advanced Online Search

Refugee councils from across the world receive grants from various donors. This allows them to implement different humanitarian aid strategies. Depending on the scale of the emergency, organisations may look for everything from tents to drinking water.

Foreign aid opportunities are excellent for SME businesses that want to find work abroad. Our DCI Ultimate Global package gives customers intelligence and leads from private companies and public sector bodies that are based across the world.

Commercial Projects

DCI can also give you access to lucrative private sector contracts through Commercial Projects.

Construction and refurbishment projects depend on a huge variety of goods and services and if you know what is coming up and what services they need, you can bid for private sector opportunities through the construction supply chain.

We have over 100 researchers making over 1 million calls every year to check and add details to the 400,000 planning applications and 10,000 non-planning applications that are submitted each year.

We use this to build a picture of what construction work will be taking place in the near future and you get real-time notifications of all updates and new projects.

You also get named key contacts so you can introduce yourself to potential clients.

With Commercial Projects, you see more construction tenders and opportunities and you see them sooner, allowing you to get involved before sub contractor stage and build a stronger relationship with the key players and decision makers.

Market Intelligence

Keeping on top of all the developments in your industry is time consuming and demands huge resource. Market Intelligence tracks over 5000 unique sources of business, government and public sector tenders news every single day and sends you a real-time email alert tailored to your specific requirements.

These are the insights that matter, helping you to plan your business strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

Market Intelligence is available on our DCI Essentials, Premium and Ultimate price plans.

Market Leads

Wouldn’t it be great to know about public tenders before they’re published? Imagine knowing about potential framework opportunities before anyone else and being able to ensure you are business ready for when they are re-tendered. Market Leads is an amazing tool that gives you instant visibility of framework opportunities 12 months before the current contract expires.

This allows you to contact buyers and open up channels of communication before they’ve officially re- tendered and gain first mover advantage over your competition.

You will also get access to potential private sector leads and pipeline contracts to fully maximise your sales opportunities.

Spend Analysis

Spending authorities in England are legally obliged to publish a report on their spending (including all government contracts) but there is no requirement to do this in a specific way, so every authority seems to end up doing it differently, making the data pretty much unusable.

Spend Analysis compiles and organises this data in a user-friendly and intuitive way so you can identify market growth areas, competitors and potential new customers.

You can search any way you want to find suppliers, buyers, sectors, or locations, giving you the power to quickly and easily identify who is spending what, where and with whom so you can target your market more effectively.

Archive Years & Bundle

BiP Solutions was the first company to track defence tender results and we’ve been doing it for almost 20 years.

With Archive Years, you can identify previous awards, frameworks and renewals. This helps you identify potential re-tenders in advance of a new notice being published making you business ready.

You can see what business your competitors have won and with whom, helping you find new business or identify competitors you were previously unaware of.

And you can use Archive Years to find out whether any subcontracting opportunities arose from previous notices.

Win MOD Contracts With Cyber Essentials

Any supplier bidding for a contract that involves the transfer of MOD identifiable information needs to be Cyber Essentials certified. From October 2017 the MOD will be implementing the Cyber Security Model which makes it clearer for Defence suppliers to know what level of Cyber Essentials certification is required when bidding for MOD tenders.

2017 is set to be a huge year for defence contracts of all sizes within the defence sector. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of winning the contracts that matter in 2017 and ultimately growing your business, you need to include gaining Cyber Essentials certification in your defence procurement strategy. The process is very straightforward, inexpensive and can be completed entirely online.

The Complete Solution

DCI technology is fantastic but that’s only part of it. What makes DCI truly stand out from the crowd is the service that surrounds it and the people who provide it.

First of all, our unique Business Growth Programme gives you privileged access to BiP Solutions expertise. It includes FREE delegate passes to our very popular procurement trade events – including the leading defence event DPRTE – getting you in front of the buyers, as well as FREE Market Reports that will help you develop your strategy. These free services alone are worth up to £750. You will also get VIP discounts worth the same again on essential procurement training, in-house consultancy, exhibiting at events and accreditation.


On top of that, you’ve got ongoing support, guidance and account management from our Customer Growth Team from day one and throughout your entire subscription.

As a package, DCI is the most powerful business development solution in the defence market, bringing together the best defence opportunities and insights, free services to build your capability and unrivalled support throughout.

Everything you need in fact, to find, bid for and win.

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Get SAAS-Y This Summer with DCI

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