07 Aug 2017

Exercise Talisman Saber 2017 concludes in Brisbane

Australia’s largest combined military exercise, Talisman Saber 2017, has concluded in Brisbane after successfully meeting a number of key milestones and achievements.

The key focus of the exercise was the development of Australian and US collaboration in warfare against a similarly equipped and trained enemy.

This year’s Talisman Saber involved approximately 33,000 participants, 36 warships and over 220 aircraft and also included a combined amphibious assault involving Australian, United States and New Zealand forces.

Emerging aspects of modern warfare such as space and cyber challenges were also featured as part of the war games.

Talisman Saber and its associated infrastructure stretched from the East Coast of the United States to Alaska, Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra, with land and maritime training areas in between.

This year saw the role of non-Defence agencies expanded upon in an effort to demonstrate the importance of inter-departmental cooperation in modern warfare.

Chief of Joint Operations, Vice Admiral David Johnston, described the exercise, now in its seventh iteration, as the most complex, challenging and fulfilling Talisman Saber to date.

Vice Admiral Johnston said: “Cooperation between the ADF, other government agencies and the forces of the United States and other international participants has been exceptional.

“The exercise has given all participants, from the staff of the highest headquarters down to the most junior servicemen and women, a rich training experience.”

image © Commonwealth of Australia 2017

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