09 Nov 2017

Exercise NIHILO SAPPER 2017 underway in Cape Breton

Approximately 500 personnel from the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force‎ are taking part in Exercise NIHILO SAPPER 2017.

NIHILO SAPPER – a large construction engineering exercise took place in various locations throughout Cape Breton, Nova Scotia takes place between November 1 and 20.

The exercise provides hands-on technical training to regular and reserve force military engineers serving in Atlantic Canada and ensures they are ready to deploy on Canadian Armed Forces operations on short notice. During Exercise NIHILO SAPPER 2017, participants will complete community driven infrastructure upgrade projects, trail construction and remediation projects, and two bridge construction projects.

Participants will also conduct counter-improvised explosive device and expedited route opening capability training, and conduct joint dive training with the Royal Canadian Navy.

Brigadier-General Derek Macaulay, Commander, 5th Canadian Division said: “NIHILO SAPPER 2017 is a complex training opportunity that exercises a vital Canadian Army support element and provides us with an opportunity to work with our neighbours in communities throughout Cape Breton.

“Our military engineers build the facilities used to initiate and sustain Canadian Armed Forces operations and the training conducted during NIHILO SAPPER 2017 ensures they are ready to deploy to locations in Canada and around the world to support Government of Canada initiatives when required.”

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