19 Mar 2019

Exclusive interview with Jacqui Rock: DIO now focusing on “value, not price”

In a recent interview with Defence Online, DIO Commercial Director Jacqui Rock said that she is “committed to change” when it comes to modernising the way the Defence Infrastructure Organisation procures.

The interview, which features in the Ministry of Defence supported ‘Guide to Defence and Security 2019’, discusses changing the face of procurement through innovation and engagement.

Read excerpts from this exclusive interview below…


Defence procurement is changing

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation plays a vital role in supporting the UK’s Armed Forces by building, maintaining and servicing the infrastructure needed to support defence and is responsible for enabling defence people to live, work, train and deploy at home and overseas.

Moving forward, DIO wants to partner with innovative businesses that can bring new ideas to the table and enhance the supply chain. Jacqui Rock told Matt Brown, editor of Defence Online that:

“In the past procurement was focused on cost and driving down the price. Our focus on value, not price sets out to change this mentality.”

Ms Rock also spoke about how the tender process is changing to incorporate these new values, revealing that:

“There will be a lot more site visits, a significant number of workshops at framework level and lots of face-to-face senior executive meetings.”

Looking ahead, Jacqui is optimistic that DIO will continue to transform with plans to introduce “key aspects of capability, which will help the organisation in the delivery of the ‘We wills’.”


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