19 Mar 2019

Exceptional work recognised by Joint Forces Command

Members of Joint Forces command have been recognised for exceptional work by Commander General Sir Charles Deverell.

A group of outstanding Joint Forces Command (JFC) members have been recognised for their work with Commander JFC Commendations. JFC is made up by civil servants, service personnel, and contractors.

Commendation certificates were awarded to the following individuals:

  • Captain Charles Barrett
  • WO2 David Bone
  • Lieutenant Commander Michael Bray
  • WO1 Mark Burton
  • Lieutenant Jessie Casey
  • Karen Clarke
  • Stephen Dodd
  • Christine Dowling
  • Matthew Giddings
  • Joanne Gregory
  • Wing Commander Sophie Green
  • WO2 Steward Grigor-Ramsay
  • Major Andrew Horsfall
  • Peter Houghton
  • Dave Howard
  • Neil Jordison
  • Lieutenant Thomas Longstaff
  • Stephen Painter
  • Donna Rogers
  • Lieutenant Corporal Joshua Savage
  • Commander Coralie Le Tourneau
  • Paul Wileman.

General Sir Charles Deverell said: “This is my final Commendations Ceremony as Commander JFC, and it has been an absolute privilege to be able to award these commendations and recognise the contribution JFC staff make to UK Defence.”

The honours were awarded to recognise a range of work, including the Defence Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy Plan, produced by Sophie Green, and continued commitment to a role spanning over 40 years, in the case of David Howard. Commendations can be awarded for ongoing operations, community engagement, and acts of courage, among others.

Joint Forces Command compromises capabilities from the separate branches of the armed forces. They provide command and management for overseas forces and Permanent Joint Operating Bases (PJOBs).

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