15 May 2017

EDA Cyber Defence Pooling & Sharing Project signed

An European Defence Agency (EDA) initiative has resulted in the Project Arrangement (PA) for the first ever Cyber Defence Pooling & Sharing Project being signed by all eleven contributing Member States.

The Cyber Ranges Federation Project sees the coming together of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden under the co-lead of the Netherlands, Finland and Greece.

The project will be carried out under the EU pooling & sharing agenda with support from EDA.

The focus of the initiave will be increasing the availability of existing and emerging cyber range facilities; increasing the occupation rate and efficiency of cyber ranges and platforms; mainstream and improve cyber defence training, exercises and testing at European level. Under this PA, the objectives will be achieved in a spiral approach over the next 36 months.

The Cyber Ranges Federation Project is the first of four Cyber Defence Projects launched under the Pooling & Sharing agenda.

Other projects such as Improved Cyber Situation Awareness, improved Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection, and pooling of Member States’ demand for private sector-provided cyber training are still in the preparation phase.

The Cyber Ranges Federation Project is the first cyber defence related collaborative EDA project to advance from the preparation phase to the implementation phase.

A total of 30 work packages are expected for the project that is envisaged will play a key role in enhancing the quality and authenticity of cyber defence related education, training and exercise formats for all stakeholders in Europe.

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