11 Apr 2017

EDA consultation examines impact of 3D-printing technologies

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has identified 3D printing has as one of the key enabling technologies to improve European industrial competitiveness.

The EDA will explore how benefits of 3D printing can transfer to the sphere of defence capabilities. Mobility, sustainability, effect and protection in relation to field repair & maintenance, reduced logistic burden and improved sustainability in warfighting and peacekeeping missions will all be examined.

Fundación Prodintec and MBDA FR have been commissioned by the EDA to undertake a study “Additive Manufacturing Feasibility Study & Technology Demonstration”, with the results expected in December 2017.

The report will target the entire spectrum of European defence and 3D printing stakeholders, at all levels of defence and 3D printing supply chains.

The study will identify both the advantages and barriers preventing European security forces from exploiting the benefits of the process.

The technology will then be demonstrated in a simulated environment to test its suitability in support of a military operation

The results of these investigations will then be presented at an exhibition, which will attempt to raise awareness of 3D technology and how its use could improve the way operations, logistic support or maintenance of platforms are carried out.

The consultation process has already got underway, and Ministries of Defence stakeholders are invited to take part in the consultation by replying to the questionnaire by Thursday, 30 April 2017.

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