24 Sep 2014

Dstl announce cyber security funding

Summary: The MOD has announced £2m to fund innovating cyber security defence schemes.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) Centre for Defence Enterprise is looking for new ideas to automate cyber defence responses.

An automated cyber defence response includes collecting information, identifying the attack, analysing potential courses of action and then responding.

The total funding available for this competition is £2m, to be split equally over 2 phases each worth £1m.

More than 850 proposals have already been selected for funding, comprising a total contract value of £48m, with almost half of those contracts awarded to SMEs.

The phase 1 competition will be launched at a Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) event in London on 9 September 2014. Phase 2 funding will then be awarded on a per-project basis to the most successful outputs of phase 1 funded projects.

Jim Pennycook, Head of Operations, CDE says: “Our armed forces rely on cyberspace to conduct successful operations and the £2m funding available for this competition demonstrates MOD’s commitment to cyber defence. Automated responses are an essential part of cyber defence processes and this funding will allow us to support a range of innovative proposals in this area.”

Registration for this event is now open and further information on the automating cyber defence responses competition is available. The automating cyber defence responses competition closes on 23 October 2014.