09 Aug 2017

DE&S Market Interest Day, 12 October 2017 – Yeovilton

The Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), Merlin Helicopter Team are considering options for the support of engines associated with the UK Merlin and Apache Attack Helicopter Mk1 fleets post March 2019 until Out of Service Date(s).

Currently, the fleets utilise RTM 322 variant engines and the forward support programme could see the continued use of those engines or the introduction of novel and innovative solutions. Formal advice of an ITN is anticipated to follow (later this year) once internal MOD approvals have been secured.

As part of the exercise MOD is particularly interested to understand the breadth of interest in this potential requirement. Accordingly, in issuing this Prior Information Notice advice, as well as inviting representation from the aero-engine sector to engage with MOD DE&S to inform the feasibility of a competitive approach to the acquisition process, there is potential for others to make their interest and the basis for that interest known.

DE&S has arranged for a market engagement process to be conducted ahead of any ITN. This market engagement process will commence with a Market Interest Day for potential prime contractors. The industry day will take place on 12 October 2017 in Yeovilton, Somerset, United Kingdom.

In issuing this PIN and engaging with the market, DE&S is not committing to carry out any procurement exercises in relation to any or all of the requirements stated in this PIN. Equally, non-participation in this market engagement will not be taken into account in any future procurement activities and will not preclude any organisation from submitting a tender in any future competition.

Any organisation wishing to participate in this market engagement should respond to DE&S via the following contact email: Nathan.Gibson669@mod.gov.uk and: peter.connew298@mod.gov.uk by 31 August 2017. Please allow up to 5 days for any Authority response. Organisations attending will be limited to a maximum of 3 representatives. Due to the nature of the venue, security clearance for those attending will need to be completed ahead of attendance.

Please note we require responses to the PIN through your company email address only. Responses via personal email addresses will not be accepted. Initial responses should include the names and positions of proposed attendees together with details of their nationality and advice of any UK accredited security clearances held.

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