05 Sep 2017

Defence Secretary welcomes new Head of Alliance appointment

The Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has welcomed the appointment of Vice Admiral Sir Simon Lister as Managing Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA).

The ACA are responsible for the delivery of the UK’s new aircraft carriers.

Admiral Lister will take a sabbatical from his Royal Navy career to lead the Alliance as it continues to deliver two 65,000 tonne aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

August saw HMS Queen Elizabeth arrive into her home port of Portsmouth, while Admiral Lister will continue to drive the programme forward and guide HMS Prince of Wales through to delivery.

Sir Simon brings his knowledge of complex engineering projects and leadership of major programmes. During his career, he has served as the Royal Navy’s Chief Naval Engineer Officer and will leave Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) where he led the delivery of the maritime equipment programme and fleet support.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “Following HMS Queen Elizabeth’s historic entry into Portsmouth, our focus is now on her final preparations for commissioning and the delivery of our second mighty carrier, HMS Prince of Wales. With his substantial experience, Admiral Lister is the logical choice to keep up that momentum.

“Our two new aircraft carriers and F-35 Lightning jets are an investment in British security, prosperity and our global role. They will transform the UK’s ability to project power around the world whether independently or working closely with our allies.”


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