12 Sep 2018

Defence Minister praises Stockport company for finishing multimillion-pound Australian defence tender

On 10 September, Minister for Defence Procurement Stuart Andrew visited WFEL in Stockport, a company that is well respected for supplying tactical military bridges to armed forces based

The company has been offering this service for over four decades and has recently completed a multimillion-pound deal to supply the Australian Army with the vital logistics equipment.

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WFEL’s work with the defence sector

Stuart Andrew has described WFEL as “a model for how companies across the country can thrive on the global stage and play a key role in the defence of our nation.”

The company has completed a £53m deal with Australia and has won over £600m worth of export orders in the past decade.

The bridges created by WFEL are designed for use for use in combat situations, offering military personnel temporary infrastructure which ensures that they have the ability to navigate their way through challenging environments.


Australian-UK bilateral defence relationship

The Head of Australian Defence Staff London, Air Commodore Brian Edwards, joined Stuart Andrew on the site visit and acknowledged the strong defence relationship between the two countries:

“The Australian-UK bilateral defence relationship has been forged over many years and is incredibly strong and enduring. In recent times, we have seen an increased emphasis on opportunities for collaboration from a defence industry standpoint.”


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