30 Jan 2018

Defence Minister announces formal acceptance of new Offshore Patrol Vessel

Defence Procurement Minister, Guto Bebb, visited BAE Systems’ Clyde shipyards to announce the formal acceptance of the first River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), FORTH, by the Ministry of Defence.

Mr Bebb was also able to observe the progress on the Type 26 programme as production started on the second hull section of GLASGOW, the first of the City Class frigates.

FORTH will remain at the Scotstoun yard in Glasgow for a short period to complete some additional work requested by the MOD and on departure will be the first complex warship to leave Glasgow since HMS Duncan in 2013. She is expected to be commissioned into Her Majesty’s fleet at her home port of Portsmouth Naval Base this year.

MEDWAY, the second of class, was named in October 2017 and is set to depart for sea trials in the first half of this year, while TRENT will be formally named in the spring. TAMAR and SPEY, the last of the River Class OPVs are currently under production at BAE Systems’ Govan yard.

Manufacture of the first Type 26, GLASGOW, began in July 2017 and is progressing well with production starting on the second zone of the ship. The first hull section is already taking shape at the Govan yard and the second houses the main machinery space, aviation stores for embarked helicopters and a recreational area for the ships’ 59 senior rates.

Defence Minister Guto Bebb said: “Thanks to the hard work of the Clyde shipyards, HMS Forth is now ready to join the Royal Navy surface fleet and begin the vital task of defending the UK and her interests around the world.

“Developing the Type 26 capability is also making great strides forward, reflecting the UK’s commitment to this cutting-edge new warship, which will sustain 4,000 jobs in Scotland and right across the UK.”

image © John Linton/BAE Systems

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