23 Aug 2017

DCI Cyber Essentials Certification Webinar

DCI Cyber Essentials Certification Webinar

Cyber Essentials certification is a Government-backed scheme to help organisations like yours understand what common cyber attacks look like and what basic controls all organisations should put in place to protect themselves.

By implementing Cyber Essentials with DCI, your organisation can reduce exposure to common threats by as much as 80%.

If you have any questions about the Cyber Essentials certification process, we now have a FREE on-demand webinar to give your organisation clarity and understanding about what is involved. This webinar will provide you with essential information about cyber security and how to protect yourself from cyber threats.

Why watch this webinar?

This is the perfect webinar to learn about a number of cyber security hazards and how to combat them. You will learn how easy it is for bad actors to evade your security systems if you are not protected and the best practice for keeping your organisation safe online. The webinar goes into details about how poor cyber security can have a negative impact on your business, damaging reputations and costing you money.

DCI Cyber Essentials certification can help you win MOD tenders – the Ministry of Defence has mandated that businesses looking to do any work with the MOD that involves the transfer of identifiable information must have Cyber Essentials certification in place.

Watching this webinar will show you the steps you need to follow to become Cyber Essentials certified.

For a limited time those that watch the webinar will also receive a 10% discount on their DCI Cyber Essentials certification.

DCI Cyber Essentials Certification Webinar