07 May 2019

Data Protection Officer – IT Security consultant

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: Syrian Arab Republic

2. Awarding Authority: Solidarites International, FR Email: im.spe@learnconsortium.org / log.coo@solidarites-syria.org.
3. Contract type: Service contract
4. Description: This Expression of Interest solicitation is open to all eligible consultants, in accordance with the Awarding Authority recruitment procedures.
The mission aims to audit the security of IT systems and user practices to mitigate the risk of jeopardizing and data loss for four organizations of a NGO consortium in the specified location. Based on a prior DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment), the consultant should compare the risks, the IT policy and its application at field level to evaluate the gap and propose realistic mitigation measures. Those measure will be presented separately to each of the four implementing partners during feedback meetings. Please note that the mission is mainly located on the field bases in Syria.
The scope embraces the below points:
IT Procedures
Training and review of the procedures
Software dealing with Sensitive information (Nominal, privacy by default/design)
Devices (Computer, Smartphone, NAS, Local Server)
Wireless and other access points
Any other relevant aspect not mentioned here but raised as important by the consultant
The consultant work directly with ICT focal point at base level. Beside, programs and supports department can be roped in regarding the software and the data accessed. In parallel, institutional IT department can be contacted about the policy.
The consultant will be recruited by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for a period of 21 working days ideally from the 01/07/2019 . The consultant works under the direct supervision of the IM Specialist.
Please note that the request is subject to fund validation and scope can slightly be adjusted accordingly.
5. CPV Code(s): 72212732, 72000000
6. NUTS code(s): Not provided.
7. Main site or location of works, main place of delivery or main place of performance: Syria
8. Reference attributed by awarding authority: Not provided.
9. Estimated value of requirement: Not provided.
10. express the interest before 20.5.2019 (12:00).
11. Address to which they must be sent: For further information regarding the above contract notice please visit:
12. Other information: The Awarding Authority invites consultants to apply for the provision of services as described above. Interested consultants must submit their CV providing information on their capacity and experience showing that they are qualified for the services (documentation, references for similar services, experience in similar assignments, availability of qualified staff, etc.).
Interested consultants may express their interest by sending an email to the Awarding Authority before 20/05/2019 at 12:00 and expressly mentioning Data Protection officer – IT Security consultant
A short list of eligible consultants will be established after the call for expressions of interest and the consultation will follow the rules and procedures of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for the use of consultants. It is noteworthy that the interest shown by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for inclusion in the short list.