29 Oct 2019

DASA to host event showcasing behavioural analytics

DASA will host the Behavioural Analytics Phase 1 Showcase to display innovations that could predict future threats.

The event will explore behavioural analytics innovations and how they can predict threats such as terrorism and prevent fake news. The event will be held at STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon.

As part of DASA’s competition, nearly 30 organisations received a share of £2.4million to develop technology that analyses behaviour to determine possible threats. Behavioural Analytics Phase 2 is launching later this year and DASA has invited representatives from industry and academia who wish to be involved to attend the Phase 1 event.

Competition technical lead Louise Bryson said: “The increasingly complex operational environment and the changing character of conflict will require an enhanced understanding of human behaviour to deliver strategic and operational effects.”

“Using the DASA contractual processes this competition enables UK defence and security to exploit the best ideas, products and services and fast-track them to operational use whilst simultaneously developing external capability in the industry and academic supply chain.”

The scope of phase one was theoretical development, methodological advancement and proof of concept research. Phase 2 will be launched towards the end of the year and will look to draw on the progress made in developing a behavioural analytics capability and how DASA can move methodological advancements and proof of concept research to the next level.

Anyone wishing to attend the event can register at Eventbrite or through the government website. The showcase will be held at STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway on Thursday 7 November 2019 and will include the opportunity to speak to suppliers about their ideas.

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