22 Aug 2019

DASA launches competition for autonomous systems in challenging environments

DASA has launched a competition seeking improvements in autonomous systems for challenging environments.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is offering funding for ideas to improve autonomous systems in defence. Up to £4million will be available for projects that improve military autonomy in challenging environments.

Funding will be available for multiple projects and across several phases. DASA is seeking ideas to improve the capability of military systems including intelligence and mobility technology.

Autonomous systems will be required to continue operating effectively and efficiently regardless of the environment. The challenge for autonomy is to mature autonomous systems with the capability to operate on demand, under all conditions that may be encountered.

This includes natural conditions such as rugged landscapes, dense vegetation, dynamic wind speeds or high sea states; and manmade conditions such as congested and contested electromagnetic spaces. Such environments can impede the effectiveness of systems.

Autonomous systems include:

  • unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)
  • unmanned surface vehicle (USV)
  • unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)
  • unmanned air system (UAS)
  • or hybrid systems.

Proposals must not reduce the capabilities of systems such as persistence, combat mass, and reach. On 6 September a dial-in event will be held allowing for questions to be asked as well as one-to-one teleconference sessions to allow for in-depth discussions, interested parties can sign up through the government website.

Queries can be sent to accelerator@dstl.gov.uk and the competition will close on 10 October 2019. Further information on the competition is available on the government website and it is expected that there will be future phases of the competition.

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