27 Aug 2019

Danish Navy collaborates with US on PASSEX passing exercise

The USS Gravely took part in PASSEX with Denmark’s HMDS Absalon for a passing exercise in the Arctic circle.

The Arleigh Burke-class USS Gravely and command and support ship HMDS Absalon completed the PASSEX passing exercise off the coast of Greenland. The operation tests cooperation, communication, and interoperability between international navies.

The ship’s crews were given the opportunity to increase knowledge and shared tactics as well as practising advanced manoeuvring. It also allowed the US Navy and Royal Danish Navy to explore methods of dealing with operations in Arctic waters.

Commanding Officer of the USS Gravely, Commander Michael O’Reilley, said: “This exercise was a unique opportunity for Gravely to conduct training with the Danish navy and to demonstrate interoperability in strategically important waters.”

“As our navies share many common tactics, techniques and procedures, it was great to see how quickly we were able to establish communications and exercise our combined warfighting and seamanship skills. Events like today’s passing exercise not only deepen the relationship between our two countries but also strengthen our maritime security capabilities in the North Atlantic.”

The exercise started with a rendezvous of the ships and the Danish MH-60R helicopter landing on the deck of the USS Gravely. The ships then practised four pre-planned manoeuvres, coming within 250 yards of each other.

The crew from the USS Gravely were able to learn from the Danish navy’s experience of Arctic waters. The ship is in the region conducting operations for an eight-month deployment to increase the US Navy’s capabilities in an Arctic environment.

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