Cyber Essentials Webinar Training

Cyber Essentials Training

Our Cyber Essentials Webinar Programme Provides Organisations With An Excellent Opportunity To Learn More About Cyber Security, And Understand How To Protect Your Organisation From Cyber Threats.

Our cyber essentials training webinar is free to register for and is available on demand so you can start learning about how to protect your business from cyber security threats immediately.

Cyber Essentials Webinar Training

What Will I Learn From This Webinar?

We conducted this webinar in March 2018 with the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) on the subject of Working together to protect the defence sector from cyber threat.

This webinar covers many different subjects including:

  • An introduction to the DCPP
  • What is the Cyber Security Model (CSM)
  • How to meet the requirements of the Cyber Security Model
  • How does the CSM impact supplier tendering in defence?
  • How to become Cyber Certified with Cyber Essentials
Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP)

Why Is Cyber Essentials Important For Defence Procurement?

Cyber Essentials training and certification is critical for businesses looking to supply into the defence market. In the UK the Ministry of Defence has mandated that any business looking to do business with the MOD that involves the transfer of identifiable information must be Cyber Essentials certified. This requirement is met where a business has obtained either Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus.

This puts your business in a prime position to supply to the defence sector, knowing that your bid can be backed up with evidence that your business is cyber secure.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017* detailed that the key action 33% of businesses take in the aftermath of a cyber attack is delivering better staff awareness through cyber security training. With our Cyber Essentials training webinar, you can raise awareness now while applying for and obtaining Cyber Essentials certification can help you avoid the cost of cyber attack recovery in 80% of instances.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 is a report and is available here.

Cyber Essentials And The MOD - What Do I Need To Know Before Tendering?

As mentioned above, Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement when working with the Ministry of Defence in capacities where there is a requirement for the transfer of data. What businesses need to know is that when tendering for defence procurement with the MOD, you must have the relevant level of Cyber Essentials certification in place before bidding. This is a current MOD policy being enforced beyond the Cyber Security Model.

To help businesses understand this more clearly, our DCI business intelligence solution for finding defence contract opportunities uses its market leading search functionality to identify which contracts have this requirement. As a DCI user, you are made aware of the need for Cyber Essentials before bidding.

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