20 Jul 2018

Cutting edge Intelligence tool to aid decision making in defence

Artificial intelligence engineers from Montvieux are pioneering predictive technology which will enable intelligence analysts to identify anomalies and areas of interest before an incident can occur.

Montvieux’s ‘predictive cognitive control system’ has been funded through the Defence Innovation Fund as part of the Defence and Security Accelerator’s (DASA) ‘revolutionise the human information relationship for defence’ initiative.

Cutting edge technology pools complex and varied data streams – far beyond the understanding of any one analyst – to make confidence-based predictions on what might occur and where, via deep learning-based neural networks. Phase II is currently underway at RAF Wyton to refine the initial system, and it will now be deployed into the live operational network as a Beta service.

Joe Hemming, Exploitation Lead at DASA said: “This project is a great example of collaboration between DASA, the competition sponsors (Joint Force Command) and the front lines working hard to turn technology into true capability. It’s a clear demonstration of the cultural shift across all organisations to focus on capability integration and exploitation as well as technology development.”

Operational deployment will allow real users to put the technology to the test in a representative environment, which will help demonstrate its actual value to the defence sector. Montvieux has received more than £600,000 in funding across both phases of the competition.

Lieutenant Colonel Jon Kerr, Head of CII added: “DASA has enabled the Centre for Intelligence Innovation to meaningfully engage with industry to understand their innovations and how they might apply to our work. It has then enabled us to shape the development of and deploy Montvieux’s application onto our operational system.”

According to Peter Webb, Director of Montvieux: “The parallel focus of DASA on placing advanced capabilities in the hands of military users and developing wider exploitation opportunities, including commercial opportunities, has given us the space to think differently about how we operationalise our research and innovation within the company. With the help of DASA, we have been able to plan-back from potential commercial outcomes, and identify the right industry partners to move this forward.”

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