05 Dec 2017

Cubic to continue support of US Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center

Cubic Global Defense has been awarded a contract worth more than $61 million from the US Army Contracting Command to support rotational and pre-deployment training exercises at the US Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC).

Cubic will continue to assist the JRTC with integrating US and allied forces into rotational training exercises through scenarios focused on Decisive Action and theater-specific operational environments.

These exercises are undertaken for units targeted for deployment in support of ongoing military operations overseas and include situational training, live fire, force-on-force and integrated live, virtual and constructive training.

The company will also provide expanded role play, technical support for combat training instrumentation, battlefield effects, video and cultural role players for added realism.

The JRTC is the US Army’s premier Combat Training Center, providing advanced collective training for a wide variety of units, including Brigade Combat Teams and Special Forces Operational Detachments.

These units include conventional airborne, air assault, light infantry, mechanized infantry and armored units, as well as Special Operations Forces from all service components.

Bill David, Vice President and Programme Manager of JRTC, Cubic Global Defense said: “We are very pleased with the opportunity to continue our support for the JRTC.

“Effective training is imperative to ensure the mission readiness of our Army’s combat teams and we are very proud of the Army’s continued confidence in our longstanding partnership.”

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