24 Oct 2017

Cobham to supply conformal antenna suite for South Korean KF-X

Cobham Antenna Systems has successfully bid for a Korean Aerospace Industries contract to manufacture and deliver a fully conformal antenna suite as part of the future KF-X – a next generation indigenous multi-role and fighter aircraft.

While traditional antennae sit atop the outer layer of a platform, their conformal cousins are accommodated within the outer layer to reduce drag, improve aerodynamics and curb repair costs over the overall life-cycle.

The KF-X conformal antenna suite will also provide a full compliment of communication, navigation and identification functionality.

“Cobham is an established market leader in conformal antenna technology and provides platforms with bespoke communications, navigations and identification antennas which deliver high performance and reliability,” said David Bulley, Vice President and General Manager of Cobham Antenna Systems.

“The KFX programme is strategically important and this award allows Cobham Antenna Systems to continue to lead the market in the design and supply of airborne antennas and systems for next generation fighter platforms.”

In August, Cobham Mission Systems – a separate arm of the business – won another contract worth in excess of £7M to supply an as yet undisclosed amount of Missile Eject Launcher units to the KF-X by 2020.

It is thought that the KF-X will enter into service from 2025 onwards, replacing the Republic of Korea Air Force’s current F-4 and F-5 fleet with next generation aircraft.

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