19 Jul 2017

Cobham and Draken announce new partnership

UK company Cobham Special Mission has announced that it has signed a Teaming Agreement with Florida-headquartered Draken International for jointly developing solutions for the delivery of operational readiness training under the Ministry of Defence’s Air Support to Defence Operational Training (ASDOT) programme.

In order to prepare air, naval and land forces for the complex and multiple layered threats of today and for the future, the Teaming Agreement will bring together the extensive experience of both organisations in the delivery of operational readiness training.

The combination of Cobham’s electronic warfare training expertise and technical excellence, in both the live and synthetic training environments, which has successfully been delivered to the MOD and internationally for the last 30 years, complemented by Draken’s world-renowned reputation for delivering agile fighter adversary air services, will provide the most comprehensive and innovative operational readiness training solution for delivery of the ASDOT programme.

Peter Nottage, CEO and President of Cobham Aviation Services, said: “Cobham already has very considerable internal capabilities and experience in both the live and synthetic environments, but we continue to build on that core, internally and through strategic partnerships, to offer world-leading threat training across the full spectrum of the Live, Virtual and Constructive environment.

“This is about delivering world-leading, full-scope training services and this teaming with Draken adds a highly experienced and capable agile fighter training capability to the mix. “

Jared Isaacman, CEO and President of Draken International Inc, commented: “The force multiplying presentation this Cobham/Draken partnership provides for the ASDOT programme will certainly deliver a robust contested training environment, testing our fighting forces against industry’s leading adversary service.

“These enhanced capabilities will be delivered cost-effectively, creating cost savings for the UK Government.”


Images: Cobham electronic warfare Falcon 20 and Draken aggressor L-159


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