19 Jul 2019

Call for papers at the global security conference in Brazil

A call has gone out for paper submissions ahead of the global security conference in Brazil.

The global security conference aims to tackle 21st-century issues including disarmament, non-proliferation, and conflict resolution. Titled ‘New Problems, Innovative Solutions: Academic and Policy Workshop’, the conference will take place in Rio De Janeiro on 29 November this year.

The conference will include both academic debate and policy workshops, providing a strategic overview for attendees. Oxford University and the Chevening Network Brazil have invited scholars with expertise in social sciences and international relations to submit papers.

The keynote speakers announced for the conference are Andreza de Souza Santos, Director of the Brazilian Studies Programme, Oxford University, and Vijay Rangarajan, British Ambassador to Brazil. The following topics will be covered:

  • Global geopolitical challenges

Changing global security networks after WWII and the Cold War and the role Brazil will play.

  • Regional security challenges

Security within Latin America and issues such as trafficking and drug smuggling.

  • Technology and security

Cybersecurity risks threatening technology networks Brazil’s contribution to fighting them.

Authors can submit papers or extended abstracts to globalbrazilconference2019@gmail.com in English. The deadline for submissions is 15 September of this year.

Accepted authors will be notified by 15 October and accepted entries will be invited to submit for a special issue of a policy-focused academic journal. Expenses will be available for travel to Rio De Janeiro.peac

More information is available on the PDF Global Security Challenges of the 21st Century – Conference in Rio de Janeiro. It is hoped that the conference will allow for new ideas from a wider audience and provide suggestions for new approaches.

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