11 May 2017

BriteCloud shines at Royal Air Force’s new Rapid Capability Office

The RAF has signed its first partner contract for the newly-established Rapid Capability Office.

This first joint project will see Leonardo and the RAF work together on next generation RF countermeasures, with the BriteCloud system brought into use. The organisations will work together on the next generation of fighter jet countermeasures known as ‘expendable active decoys’ (EADs), using the test-proven BriteCloud EAD technology.

BriteCloud is the world’s only expendable decoy to have been tested successfully against modern radar systems and has proven effective in trials on RAF Tornado jets. The radar jamming decoy can be deployed from a standard chaff and flare dispenser, protecting aircraft from modern, sophisticated radar-guided missiles that are able to outwit older, anti-radar countermeasures such as chaff. The BriteCloud draws the incoming missile towards it, missing the aircraft by a large margin.

The new collaboration between Leonardo and the RAF will see the two organisations jointly develop ‘third generation’ EADs; details of which are currently classified.

The Rapid Capability Office has been developed to bring new innovative technologies and capabilities to the war fighter, in a faster more streamlined fashion.


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