25 Sep 2017

BCB International unveil new versatile rifle stock

BCB International has launched a versatile rifle stock that enables operatives to discharge their firearms while wearing a ballistic helmet with the visor fully lowered.

The FRAMM®, an adjustable and foldable stock that allows firearms officers to comfortably discharge their firearms in all firing positions, was launched at DSEI 2017.

The FRAMM® is compatible with the following firearms: FN HERSTAL-SCAR, HK-MP5 A2, BERETTA-ARX 160, HK-MP5K-PDW, HK-G36, B&T-40×46, REMINGTON-ACR, CZ-805 A1 BREN, SIG SAUER-550/551.., B&T-APC556, HK-UMP.

BCB International’s International Sales Officer, Ben Simmons, said:  “The FRAMM® is good news for soldiers and security professionals.  It is compatible with most in service firearms. Its rubberized non-slip stock pad maximizes comfort and firing stability.  It also offers nine position settings to conform to any body and ballistic visor shapes.  The FRAMM® is the stock to fit all their mission requirements.”

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