26 Jan 2018

BAE Systems unveils next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BAE Systems has announced the next phase of development for its CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, having launched the CV90 MkIV at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference in London.

According to BAE Systems, the MkIV represents a significant upgrade on previous iterations, thanks in part to its improved drive train capabilities and active damping technology, designed to boost speed and better handling on the battlefield.

The MkIV also houses the latest NATO-standard electronic architecture in accordance with growing demand for sensor integration and the implementation of autonomous systems.

For BAE Systems, the intention now is to offer the new arrival to the Czech Republic as part of the ongoing armoured vehicle competition to replace the Czech military´s legacy fleet of BMP-II IFVs.

“We are proud and excited to present the next step in the development of CV90,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Vice President and General Manager for BAE Systems’ Hägglunds business.

“The MkIV will now be available to both current and future users of the CV90, who can take full advantage of this combat-proven vehicle’s ongoing development and benefit from these new capabilities. This approach provides the leading combination of a proven low-risk solution for the most modern IFV for future growth.”

To date, 1,280 CV90 IFV’s in 15 variants have been sold to seven separate nations, including four NATO allies. These are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

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