30 May 2018

BAE Systems to ensure readiness of F-35 electronic warfare systems

Lockheed Martin has contracted BAE Systems to confirm the readiness of critical electronic warfare (EW) systems aboard the F-35 Lightening II.

Under a five-year contract, BAE Systems will oversee the supply chain on Lockheed Martin’s behalf and establish the necessary infrastructure to ensure the technology is mission capable and available to all warfighters.

“As a leader in EW systems for the world’s most advanced aircraft, we understand how critical readiness is for our customers,” boasted Betsy Warren, Director of F-35 Sustainment at BAE Systems. “We’ll ensure that the F-35 EW supply chain is in place for Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense.”

The F-35 EW suite, known as the AN/ASQ-239 system, employs cutting-edge technology to protect aircraft during critical missions. Advanced avionics and sensors are able to provide a real-time, 360 degree perspective of the battlespace, meaning detection ranges can be widened and pilots given more opportunities to evade, engage, counter or jam potential threats.

For its part, BAE Systems will maintain a network of regional warehouses, each with an inventory of EW components to boost fill rates and reducing waiting times for parts. The business will also establish various metrics with a view to driving confidence throughout the supply chain.

This F-35 sustainability agenda uses performance-based logistics (PBL) – a cost-effective, outcome-based support strategy focused on system readiness. BAE Systems has more than a decade of PBL experience alongside the US Air Force, US Navy, and multiple public-private partnerships that support US military systems. In addition the business has five years’ experience with F-35 sustainment and international maintenance support.

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