04 May 2018

BAE Systems to develop next-generation missile warning system

BAE Systems has successfully bid for a US military contract to deliver a next-generation missile warning system capable of safeguarding aircraft crews and pilots from a host of emerging threats.

Worth as much as $97.9 million, the contract – which was awarded to BAE Systems under a Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS) agreement – will require the assembly of a Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) missile warning system fit for the 21st century.

Consequently, the company has specified its ‘2-Color Advanced Warning System’ (2C-AWS) to provide aircraft with enhanced missile warning and hostile fire protection, bolstering survivability and mission effectiveness in the battlespace.

“Army aviators are facing an evolving threat environment that requires advanced detection capabilities,” said Paul Markwardt, Vice President and General Manager of Survivability, Targeting, and Sensing Solutions at BAE Systems. “Our system will provide the army fleet with unmatched protection capability that helps warfighters execute their missions.”

BAE created the 2C-AWS in collaboration with Leonardo DRS and later pitched it to the US Army in response to the LIMWS. As part of the contract, Leonardo DRS will continue to provide the 2-Color infrared sensor – the eyes of the system, essentially.

Crucially, 2C-AWS is the foundation of the US Army’s future threat detection needs. It has been conceived as an upgradeable platform, able to be tailored to the specifications of the individual. 2C-AWS will also work alongside existing aircraft survivability equipment – user interfaces and countermeasure systems, for example.

For BAE this most recent contract builds upon both its heritage as aircraft innovator and its long-standing relationship with the US Army.

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