21 Sep 2017

BAE contracts Konstrukta-Defence to deliver Swedish mortar barrels

BAE Systems has contracted Konstrukta-Defence, an artillery system design house based in the Slovak Republic, to manufacture barrels for the Swedish Army’s Mjölner mortar system.

As part of the multi-million euro contract, Konstrukta will produce 84 120mm steel barrels, which will subsequently be modified to meet the needs of the Mjölner system. The steel itself is to be supplied by the Slovakian-based manufacturer ZTS Metalurg.

The intention is to integrate Mjölner with the Swedish Army’s CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Shipping will commence in December 2017 and continue on until July 2020.

BAE Systems has also established relationships with several Slovakian defence specialists to make available the Commander SK radar system – a high performance long and medium range mobile or semi-static three-dimensional air surveillance radar.

According to BAE Systems, the engagement programme will bolster the modern defence capability to the Slovakian military while also bringing significant value to the nation’s industry and economy.

Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Vice President and General Manager of BAE Systems Hägglunds – the principal contractor for Mjölner integration on the CV90s – had this to say: “BAE Systems has a proven track record of partnering with local companies to not only meet the short-term needs of our customers, but to establish long-term, lasting relationships that develop new opportunities for growth and investment.”

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