13 Jun 2017

Autonomous last mile resupply network event – information pack

The autonomous last mile resupply innovation network event was held on 23 May 2017.

At the event in London, a series of presentations provided details of three challenges that make up the Defence and Security Accelerator competition Autonomous last mile resupply.

Autonomous last mile resupply network innovation event.

To set the scene, Accelerator Innovation Partner Mark Darvill opened the event by giving an update on the Accelerator and an overview of proof-of-concept research funding opportunities for innovative science and technology providers.

Lt Col Peter Hale and Peter Stockel, Dstl’s Autonomy Innovation Lead gave an overview of the competition and outlined it’s strategic importance.

Lt Col Mark Stuart then briefed the audience on how autonomous systems would help British Army supply front line troops with vital supplies and gave examples of the types of environments the system would have to cope with. Mark Emerton, Dstl’s technical lead shared scenarios which brought the challenge to life. Details were provided from a military and technical perspective.

Information on the competition’s scope, process and key milestones was briefed by Rebecca Varney, Accelerator Competition Manager.

Graham Farnsworth, Dstl’s Intellectual Property Manager outlined the new short form contract.

The Accelerator team then outlined how organisations can work with the Accelerator and gave advice on how to submit good proposals for funding.


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