08 Jun 2018

Army Basing Programme delivers first sports facility

Soldiers at Perham Down are benefitting from a new sports facility including an all-weather pitch, which has been delivered by Aspire Defence for the Ministry of Defence’s Army Basing Programme (ABP).

The ABP is a joint army and Defence Infrastructure Organisation programme that is providing the facilities the British Army needs to live, work and train in the UK as it returns from Germany, rebases across the UK and restructures to its future Army 2020 formations.

Alongside sports facilities, the ABP will also deliver modern, purpose built single living and working accommodation for soldiers, from dining facilities and offices to vehicle garaging, stores and technical buildings.

Aspire Defence Capital Works constructed the new pitch, while a Regimental Headquarters, several Junior Ranks’ single living accommodation blocks and an Officers’ SLA block have already been handed over. An Officers’ Mess and gym are also currently under construction.

All ABP infrastructure across Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) and at Aldershot is being delivered under Aspire Defence’s 35 year Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) contract, held with the MOD since 2006.

Mark Duddy, ABP Programme Director, said: “As we near peak ABP construction phase this summer, we’re delighted with the high standard of accommodation being delivered for soldiers across SPTA. The ABP is delivering real and lasting improvements across the defence estate, ensuring that British soldiers live, work and train in the best possible environments.”

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