23 Jul 2018

Annual CSSF report highlights MOD contribution to international security

The latest Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) annual report has highlighted the Armed Forces’ important contribution to international prosperity.

The study reveals through funding from the CSSF, which delivers and supports security, peacekeeping, and stability across the globe, UK military personnel played a crucial role in several cross-government programmes.

The report details Defence’s significant contribution to the £57 million released towards the Caribbean response to Hurricane Irma. UK military, working alongside other government bodies, helped to deliver the re-electrification of Anguilla within three months of the hurricane.

British support to the African Union Mission to Somalia is building their capacity to restore stability in Somalia and transition to Somali-led security, protecting civilians and tackling the use of child soldiers.

Elsewhere, UK support to the Lebanese military contributes to the country’s successful operations to counter terrorist and destabilising activity within its borders. The Lebanon is still the only nation – and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) the only army – to have successfully repelled an invasion from Daesh.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Whether it’s contributing to the destruction of Daesh or rapidly responding to natural disasters, our world class Armed Forces are always ready to help make the world more secure.

“The variety of roles our military does, as highlighted in today’s CSSF report, embodies the role Global Britain plays in maintaining international stability.”

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