29 Jun 2017

Airbus delivers H145M to Germany

Airbus has delivered to the German Armed Forces the final H145 multi-role helicopter in a 15 vehicle contract.

Stationed in Laupheim, the helicopters were ordered in 2013 as part of the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) Special Operations Forces (SOF) project and will be operated by the Bundeswehr special forces.

“The LUH SOF project is an excellent example of what a constructive cooperation between the Bundeswehr, the authorities and industry can achieve,” said Wolfgang Schoder, CEO of Airbus Helicopters in Germany. “I would like to thank all of our partners for the efficient and successful cooperation, and will be delighted to push ahead in this spirit with the implementation of further programmes. I wish the Bundeswehr special forces all the best when using their new helicopters.”

The H145Ms are very agile and an ideal vehicle for special forces missions, particularly with the fast roping system attached. Developed for day and night use, the helicopters are suitable for a range of tasks from transport, supply, surveillance, air rescue, armed reconnaissance and medical evacuation. The helicopters also boast a range of equipment from high performance camera systems, to fire support, while ballistic protection and electronic counter measures provided a high level of security.

In addition, the helicopter is equipped with the Helionix digital avionics suite which, alongside innovative flight data management, includes a high-performance 4-axis autopilot, which considerably reduces pilot workload during missions. Its particularly low acoustic footprint makes the H145M the quietest helicopter in its class.

Airbus has a strong working relationship with the Bundeswehr, and is currently providing a comprehensive cooperative service contract which includes the management and implementation of maintenance and repair work, supplying spare parts and ensuring airworthiness.

“It is evident that this kind of performance-related support contributes to the system’s high level of availability for troops,” explained Wolfgang Schoder. “This close cooperation between industry and operator has proven its worth in the civil sector and is also becoming increasingly important for military customers. There is still more potential to be realised with the Bundeswehr in this area.”

Other countries having ordered the H145M are the Republic of Serbia with nine units and Thailand with five.


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