15 Jan 2018

AFCEC-18-R-0001-221118 Other Electric Power Generation

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

AFCEC-18-R-0001-221118 Other Electric Power Generation

Department of the Air Force

Desiree Jennings, Ms., Phone 210-395-9521, Email desiree.jennings@us.af.mil – Krystle M. Zapata, Contract Specialist, Phone 2103958692, Email krystle.zapata.1@us.af.mil


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Contract Description:

This is a Request for Information (RFI).  This RFI shall not be construed as a Request for Proposal (RFP), a lease solicitation, or as an obligation on the part of the Government.  The Government does not intend to select or qualify proposals or lease offers on the basis of this RFI or otherwise pay for information obtained via this RFI or in response to this notice.

The Government is performing market research to assess private and/or public interest in optimizing the value of a non-excess real estate property parcel (up to 100 acres) located on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) (illustrated in Appendix A).  This market research supports the Government’s notional requirement to optimize the value of this property in accordance with Executive Order 13327, Federal Real Property Asset Management and Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) authorities and processes.  An EUL is a non-Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) real estate transaction executed in accordance with 10 USC § 2667.  No basis for claim against the Government shall arise as a result of a response to this RFI.

The Government is specifically interested in determining the viability of leasing all, or a portion of, the available parcel for the purpose of financing, permitting, developing, constructing, installing, owning, maintaining, and operating a utility scale Natural Gas Power Plant for commercial electrical grid (non-Air Force) production and operation.  Other key factors to be considered are: (i) the property is approximately 3-4 miles to the anticipated New Jersey Natural Gas Southern Reliability Route (see “), and (ii) the property is approximately 3-4 miles to the Whiting Substation.

Interested entities should address all questions in the questionnaire below and demonstrate your ability to execute the following Government’s notional requirements. 

Government Notional Requirements:
1. The Air Force seeks to lease all, or a portion of, the available parcel for the purpose of financing, permitting, developing, constructing, installing, owning, maintaining and operating a utility scale Natural Gas Power Plant for commercial electrical grid (non-Air Force) production and operation;
2. The lessee shall deliver consideration to the Government in an amount not less than the fair market value of the leasehold interest in the Leased Premises;
3. The preferred consideration for the proposed lease is a combination of (i) upfront in kind consideration in the form of infrastructure and electric service required to electrically island JB MDL’s critical loads in the event of a commercial electric grid outage, and (ii) cash consideration through the duration of the outgrant;
4. JB MDL’s critical load demand is anticipated to be up to 40 Megawatts, and will only be required directly from the plant in times of grid outage or emergency;
5. The cash consideration is desired to be a percentage of the annual gross revenue of the Power Plant while in operation;
6. The lessee’s proposed project shall operate in a manner compatible with Government uses on land located adjacent to the Leased Premises;
7. The project shall be compatible with the Force Protection and Anti-Terrorism requirements of JB MDL;
8. The Leased Premises will be leased “as-is/where-is” without any warranties, representations or guarantees, either expressed or implied, of any kind, nature or type whatsoever, from or on behalf of the Government.  The Government is leasing the Leased Premises subject to both recorded and other possible third party property interests in the Property;
9. The lessee (at their sole expense) shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable federal and state environmental and other laws and regulations;
10. The Lease Term shall be the minimal period necessary to support the financing of the Project or other development considerations, but in no event shall the Lease Term exceed 50 years;
11. The Air Force will not subsidize the development, construction, or operation of any improvements and does not warrant the availability of off-take agreements or contracts for the generated energy;
12. The Government requires all debt financing be in place for a simultaneous financial closing and Lease closing;
13. To satisfy its portfolio management responsibilities, the Government requires the lessee to provide certain financial information on a periodic basis; and
14. Other terms and conditions resulting from this and other market research.

Sources Sought Questions:              
1. What is the name and brief description to include type of entity, (i.e., partnership, corporation, etc.), of the public or private organization or business potentially interested in developing the available parcel on JB MDL?
2. What is the business address and web site address?
3. Who are your point of contacts, including name, position, telephone number, and email address, for the submitted information?
4.Are you interested in participating in an Industry Exchange event?
5.What is your conceptual development plan to include interconnection configuration, potential plant capacity (in MW), and water requirements and source of water for the conceptual plan?
6.What is your notional project development timeline to reach commercial operation?
7.What is your perspective on project viability in the PJM Market?
8.What electrical grid services will you plan to provide and who are the potential off-takers?
9.Why are you suggesting that specific technology and plan?
10.How much of the available parcel do you need for your planned development?
11.Do you have current and relevant EUL experience, or comparable commercial experience, in developing, constructing, and operating energy generation assets?
Interested entities should submit their questionnaire (sources sought) responses via email to desiree.jennings@us.af.mil and lisa.schmidt.4@us.af.mil no later than 5:00 PM Central Time on 23 February 2018.  Microsoft Word or Adobe Systems Portable Document Format (PDF) e-mail attachments not exceeding ten (8.5 inches x 11 inches) pages (five pages if printed two-sided) and 10 Megabyte total are acceptable.  Facsimile submissions will not be accepted.  Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) will not be considered.  The Government will analyze all of the submitted information and determine among other things: the probability of realizing the Government’s notional requirements; the suitability of the available parcel for the Government’s proposed use; and the most appropriate acquisition strategy. 
The Government will sponsor an Industry Exchange to facilitate the exchange of information and provide interested Lessees an opportunity to visit the available parcel.   Please RSVP to lucinda.a.notestine.civ@mail.mil by 23 February 2018 with your company’s information, attendees with their job titles, and respective email addresses.

Event Details: To be provided to those who RSVP for the Industry Exchange

Date & Time: 15 March 2018 1300-1700
Location: JB MDL, NJ

Interested parties should submit any additional questions or clarifications to desiree.jennings@us.af.mil and lisa.schmidt.4@us.af.mil as part of or with their questionnaire response.  Questions will be addressed during the Industry Exchange event and eventually posted to Fed Biz Ops.  Please do not contact other Air Force staff with questions regarding this RFI.
The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response to this Request for Information or attending the Industry Exchange. 

We appreciate your interest and thank you in advance for responding to this Request for Information.

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