17 Feb 2015

ADS calls on Government to invest in defence and security

Summary: ADS has released a 2015 manifesto calling for Government to invest in the UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors as a means of ensuring the nation’s global recovery.

The UK’s defence, aerospace and security sectors are some of the nation’s most valuable and, if given proper investment and encouragement, have the potential to help balance the nation’s books and grow the economy, according to ADS.

The UK security industry is growing five times faster than the UK economy, while aerospace and defence jobs pay 50% more than the national average. As a result of the strength of these sectors, ADS argues that by investing in innovation, skills and technology these industries can deliver the high-paid jobs and exports the nation needs to secure a long-term economic recovery.

Invest in growth

The ADS Manifesto 2015, Invest in Growth, highlights the four key areas where the government following the 2015 General Election should focus investment in order to ensure growth of these core industries and help secure sustainable UK economic growth.

ADS has urged Government to:

  • Build on successful industrial strategies, including strengthening the defence supply chain
  • Work with industry on the Strategic Defence and Security Review in order to ensure that experts in the industry have their say on capability requirements and national security
  • Invest in industrial innovation, including doubling industry funding by 2020
  • Support SMEs by improving access to markets, funding and export opportunities

Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of ADS Group, said:

“The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors offer exciting growth opportunities. These globally competitive sectors are vital to our future as a high-tech, high-skill, high-wage economy. Investment is key to the UK’s long-term success.

“Our members want the UK to invest in innovation, skills and supply chains now so that we have the technology, people and capacity to take advantage of fast-growing global markets in the future.”

Defence industry updates

With the UK General Election just weeks away, and with the outcome of the vote in no way certain, there is real scope for the recommendations in this report to be carried forward by one or more parties in the run up to election day on 7 May.

With major changes on the horizon no matter which party ends up in Government after May, it is vital that your organisation remains up to date on the current arguments, trends and industry insight which will inform your business plans for the years ahead.

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