08 Aug 2018

Accenture opens Australian innovation hub for defence and security

A brand new innovation hub, built to serve defence and security businesses across Australia and New Zealand, has opened its doors in Canberra, Accenture has announced.

According to Accenture, the innovation hub will enable businesses to access emerging technologies and digital breakthroughs which, in turn, will help them innovate and stay ahead of the ever-evolving thread landscape.

In doing so, Accenture hopes to create a “vibrant collaborative environment” – one that encourages knowledge sharing between employees, defence and security agencies, and other digital innovators. Their focus will be new technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cyber, robotics and advanced analytics.

“Defence organisations need to increase their resilience to emerging threats and require secure, innovative and flexible delivery capabilities, often on tight turnaround,” said Matt Gollings, Accenture’s defence & national security lead in Australia and New Zealand.

“Through on-site demonstrations of how innovative and often disruptive digital technologies can enhance mission readiness, deliver better operational outcomes and ultimately help deliver mission success, our innovation hub addresses this need while maximising innovation and delivering the defence agency of the future.”

The innovation hub was officially opened by the Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne. Having opened, the facility will now house Accenture’s regional defence and national security-related corporate citizenship initiatives – Accenture’s contribution to the Prime Minister’s Veteran’s Employment Program, for example – and foster a forum for collaboration between industry, academia and research organisations.

Catherine Garner, who leads Accenture’s Health & Public Service practice in Australia and New Zealand, concluded: “We are focused on innovation and building new digital capabilities for our local clients. This innovation hub embodies our investment in and commitment to implementing new and relevant technologies to support the growth and digital advancement of Australia’s government and health sectors.”

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