19 Jul 2017

£3M Cyber Security Centre opens in Gloucester

The new ‘Cyber Works’ centre, has been opened by Defence Minister Harriett Baldwin.

The £3M centre is part of the Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, which will see £1.9Bn invested in cyber security over the next five years.

Based at Lockheed Martin’s facility in Gloucester, the centre will create 90 high tech jobs and enable knowledge, research and delivery to be shared between Lockheed’s UK partners.

The new ‘Cyber Works’ centre, part of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to the CyberInvest scheme, and is designed to tackle the complex cyber threats the UK faces which will help create a UK that is secure, resilient to cyber threats, and prosperous and confident in the digital world.

A key part of the cyber strategy is creating partnerships with industry. Some £10M has been invested in a new Cyber Innovation Fund, giving start-ups the boost and partners they need, while the £6.5M CyberInvest Scheme is building a community of industry, government, and academics to support cutting-edge research and build UK security in cyber space.

Minister for Defence Procurement Harriett Baldwin said: “With our £1.9Bn National Cyber Security Strategy, Britain is a world leader in the field and the opening of today’s cutting-edge centre is a great example of how partnerships with industry are at the heart of that strategy. Together we are developing solutions to national security risks.

“We are already leading in NATO with support to offensive and defensive operations in the fight against Daesh and complex cyber threats, and I’m also delighted that this centre will further boost the UK’s cyber capabilities.”

By integrating cyber into all of its military operations, defence plays a key role in the UK’s cyber security strategy. Offensive cyber is being routinely used in the war against Daesh, not only in Iraq but also in the campaign to liberate Raqqa and other towns on the Euphrates. While £800M Innovation Initiative has boosted investment in UK research and business.

In January, the MOD will open a dedicated state-of-the-art Defence Cyber School at Shrivenham, bringing together all military joint cyber training into one place, while the Army’s Royal Signals Corp and Intelligence Corp is being reorganised to help them fight the information battles of the 21st Century.


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