25 Jun 2018

How to win security tenders

In the current political climate, the UK Government is doing everything it can to tighten security measures by working with countries like Poland to create cyber and defence ties.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson visited their Polish counterparts in Helenow, near Warsaw to establish how the countries can work together on foreign affairs, defence and security, particularly in the context of Brexit and increased concerns about Russia’s role on the world stage.

If your business is looking for security tenders, this is a clear sign that the UK Government is investing in this area.

Find out more about how to win security tenders below.


Become Cyber Essentials Certified

This is the first step for all suppliers that want to win security tenders.

In order to bid for security contracts with the MOD, Cyber Essentials is the minimum certification that your organisation will need. The Ministry of Defence has made this requirement mandatory since January 2016.

If you do NOT have Cyber Essentials, learn more by downloading the Cyber Essentials scheme summary.


Ministry of Defence Guide to Defence & Security

Learn more about security tendering with the MOD.

The Ministry of Defence Guide to Defence & Security – Key trends and contacts 2018 guide is an excellent starting point for suppliers that want to expand their knowledge of security tendering.

This official MOD publication highlights key trends in spend across the defence sector and gives security suppliers an in depth look at the MOD agenda for 2018.

It also has a Defence Supplier Directory with the contact details to generate and build fresh leads for your business.

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Security Contract Alerts

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After you have completed your supplier profile, we will send you relevant opportunities straight to your inbox. The benefits of Contract Alerts are:

  • It will help your business save on costs as you will not need to hire additional resources to look through a variety of procurement portals
  • It’s a web-based application, so you can use DCI wherever you are in the world
  • We publish more than 38,000 Global tenders a year, ensuring you don’t miss out


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