Visiat Europe responds to Boris Johnson’s defence spending ideas

Managing Director of Visiat Europe Evan Dixon has spoken about how defence spending could be affected by Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister.

Visiat Europe’s Managing Director Evan Dixon has spoken about how defence spending could be affected under Borish Johnson’s leadership. Dixon examined how Johnson could make previous promises a reality.

Boris Johnson has previously said that military spending should be informed by threats faced by the UK and how to tackle them. He highlighted threats that have grown in recent times and the increasing complexity of the issues defence faces.

Evan Dixon said: “Johnson has a history of making promises – now he is in a position where he has to deliver on them. The question is whether every promise will survive in enough of its original form. For instance, if the UK is to remain a modern economy with opportunities across the nation, truly high-speed broadband access nationwide has to be a priority. Yet the promise of full fibre connectivity “sprouting in every household” by 2025 is going to crash up against harsh reality very soon, and will have to be subject to compromise on cost, ambition or timeline – if not all three.”

“Similarly, commitments to defence spending will soon come up against the very real challenge that the UK military faces – of balancing its role in the world with the resources available, and how it can transform its approach to procurement and technology to ensure that it has the capabilities it needs. And above all of this there is Brexit. The ongoing fixation with Brexit has already drained attention and resources from other areas of Government that sorely need them, from defence to our space strategy. Regardless of the approach Johnson takes, a key priority has to be clearing this logjam and allowing the Government to operate again. Without this, whether the UK remains, leaves or crashes out with no-deal we will have to face the uncomfortable truth that crucial strategies are now months, if not years, behind.”

Boris Johnson has promised an overall growth in public spending. His appointment as leader of the conservatives and the Prime Minister has proved controversial due to his previous comments and his Brexit position.

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