31 May 2018

VICIS win US Army combat helmets contract

VICIS has been awarded a contract from the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) to improve Army and Marine Corps combat helmets.

The Company will research ways to replace the combat helmets’ existing foam liner pads with its own innovative liner technology derived from structures developed for its football helmets.

Several decorated military advisors will provide strategic counsel to VICIS as it improves the safety of US Army and Marine Corps combat helmets, bringing decades of military experience to the VICIS Military Coalition.

Current Army and Marine Corps combat helmets are designed primarily for ballistic protection, shielding service members from gunfire and shrapnel. VICIS’ technology will improve the helmets’ blunt impact performance, which is critical to head protection for our men and women in uniform.

According to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report, approximately 80 percent of traumatic brain injury in the U.S. military results from blunt impact not on the battlefield, but in training and other non-deployed settings.

Benjamin Fasel, a mechanical engineer at the NSRDEC and Project Manager said: “The NSRDEC is excited to work with VICIS in the development of their suspension pad system for use in military combat helmets.

“VICIS has demonstrated great results in their football helmets, and we look forward to continuing those types of results with the unique blunt impact requirements of combat helmets.”

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