28 May 2019

US Fighting Falcons train with RAF Lakenheath

Fighting Falcons from the US Air Force trained with Strike Eagles at RAF Lakenheath to strengthen their partnership.

The 93rd Fighter Squadron F-16C Fighting Falcons and 482nd Fighter Wing support personnel from Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida, participated in Dissimilar Air Combat Training at RAF Lakenheath. The two-week training course aimed to improve combat readiness and the air force’s ability to work from a deployed location.

During the Flying Training Deployment (FTD) the squadron mostly worked with RAF and USAFE units to develop integrating into a total force team for training and missions. During the FTD, the 93rd FS flew more than 136 sorties and accumulated nearly 180 flying hours.

Lt. Col. Lindsey Lamb, 93rd FS operations director said: “We came to conduct training with our USAFE and Royal Air Force partners to help prepare our men and women for contingency operations.”

“This not only made us better by sharpening our sword and readying us for combat, but the training itself and the partnerships we developed with the host nation was wonderful.”

Capt. George Cook, 93rd FS F-16 fighter pilot said: “Almost every sortie we flew from here was with either our USAFE partners, the Bolars (492nd FS) or with the RAF. It was a great learning opportunity and the overall training experience was fantastic.”

Due to the U.S. Air Force’s forward presence in Europe, RAF Lakenheath and units conducting routine FTDs, like the 93rd FS, are able to work with partners and allies to develop and improve ready air forces with the aim of maintaining regional security. The US provides support to the Europe-air forces Africa Theatre through deployment and cooperation.

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