28 Aug 2019

US DIA director outlines top priorities to modernise intelligence

Director of the DIA Army Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr. has outlined the top three priorities needed to modernise intelligence in the USA.

The head of the US DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) outlined what was needed to modernise intelligence in a speech at the DIA Information System conference in Florida. He highlighted the need to compete with Russia and China to ensure US intelligence was able to remain strong.

In his speech, he highlighted the need for intelligence staff to collaborate with one another and use each other’s skills to strengthen the overall strategy. He also spoke about the need to work with US allies to improve international intelligence.

He revealed three priorities:

  • First, the general said, the agency needs to ensure that its intelligence-sharing tool, the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System, has adequate resourcing to ensure it remains secure, reliable and resilient.
  • Second, Ashley said, the Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System, which is still in development, will become DIA’s database of the future, using cloud computing, AI and machine learning, automating many of the tasks currently done manually by operators.
  • Third, open-source intelligence will be used to a much greater extent. Open-source intelligence is data collected from publicly available sources. When combined with other intelligence data, it can provide a much more accurate intelligence picture that will further DIA’s mission of “providing intelligence on foreign militaries to prevent and decisively win wars.”

He referenced the work done by the US and UK in WWII to crack international codes and the decision to share intelligence as a major milestone of innovation. He said that current adversaries meant that sharing intelligence with allies is just a crucial now as it was then.

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