10 Oct 2018

US Air Force selects Saab and Boeing T-X Trainer

The US Air Force has awarded Boeing a contract worth $9.2 billion for the development of a new advanced pilot training system that will help train fighter and bomber pilots for generations to come.

Boeing is the prime contractor for the Advanced Pilot Training Program and partner with Saab in the development of the T-X aircraft.

Saab and Boeing designed, developed, and flight-tested two all-new, purpose-built jets – proving out the system’s design and repeatability in manufacturing and training capability.

The initial $813 million contract to Boeing covers the engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) of the first five aircraft and seven simulators.

Leanne Caret, President and CEO, Boeing Defense, Space & Security: “Today’s announcement is the culmination of years of unwavering focus by the Boeing and Saab team.

“It is a direct result of our joint investment in developing a system centered on the unique requirements of the U.S. Air Force. We expect T-X to be a franchise program for much of this century.”

Boeing is now clear to begin placing orders with its suppliers, including Saab. More than 90% of Boeing’s offering will be made in America, supporting more than 17,000 jobs in 34 states.

Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab, commented: “This selection allows our two companies to deliver on a commitment we jointly made nearly five years ago.

“It is a major accomplishment for our partnership with Boeing and our joint team, and I look forward to delivering the first trainer aircraft to the U.S. Air Force.”

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