07 Jun 2019

US Air Force joins with FAA to tackle aircrew shortage

The US Air Force and the FAA will establish joint agency goals to reduce aircrew shortage and encourage new recruits.

The Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration announced a joint effort to tackle a national aircrew shortage. They hope to inspire new generations to join and improve health and safety within the airforce.

The two organisations have outlined the following areas to focus on in order to reach their joint goal:

  • Priming the pipeline: What can be done to attract new people to critical aviation professions?
  • Pathways to proficiency: How can efficiency in training be maximised?
  • Productive partnerships: How can we promote productive partnerships with government, Department of Defense, academia and industry?

FAA Administrator Dan Elwell said: “The FAA is actively working to ensure we have the aviation workforce needed today and in the future. We also are working with our industry and government partners, like the Air Force, to ensure that we address any barriers to people realizing their dreams of becoming a pilot or aircraft mechanic.”

The goal of this collaboration is to develop a more sustainable pilot enterprise that promotes aviation nationwide, increases pilot production, reduces barriers to enter the pilot career field and leverage technology and state of the art techniques to improve pilot training to meet the overall demands of the nation’s aviation industry. The two will aim to create cross-agency collaboration with the main goal of solving workplace issues to make the Air Force a better place to work.

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