UPS Replacement D-E-DCO-NODES

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

UPS Replacement D-E-DCO-NODES

Department of the Army

Official Address:
2133 Cushing Street
Building 61801 Fort Huachuca AZ 85613-1190

Zip Code:

Eduardo D. Javelosa, Purchasing Agent, Phone 5205332364, Email


Date Posted:


Contract Description:
Network Enterprise Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ
Performance Work Statement
-48 DC Power replacement for Telephone Nodes


1.1 Organization. The Network Enterprise Center (NEC) located at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, is responsible for operations and maintenance of network and telecommunication systems and services for Fort Huachuca and its tenants.

1.2 Scope. The contractor shall engineer, furnish, install, integrate and cutover a turnkey solution for all DC power systems and subsystems, including but not limited to, interconnection to all required interfaces and equipment, as well as, configuration of the alarms and their associated management system for the -48 DC power plant at the NEC’s Switch Node E Bldg 80004, Switch Node D Bldg 22324, and Dialing Central Office Bldg 61801. The Contractor shall provide the services outlined in this PWS per manufacturer’s specifications and ensure DoD, Army, national, state, and local, electrical code, safety, and environmental compliance. The Contractor shall furnish all manpower, tools, and test equipment necessary to fulfill the requirements of this PWS.


2.1 Task Description. The Contractor shall provide the following:

2.1.1 Replacement of Dialing Central Office Bldg 61801, 1800 amp -48 VDC power plant, replacement of Switch Node D, Bldg 22324, 800 amp -48 VDC power plant, and replacement of Switch Node E, Bldg 80004, 400 amp -48 VDC power plant. This will include the de‐installation, packaging, transport and recycling of existing spent VRLA batteries. The Installation and configuration of new ‐48 VDC equipment including reworking of exiting AC panelboards and input feeds for the new equipment. All equipment shall provide an eight hour operation period while in use.

2.1.2 DC Power Equipment System Requirements The DC power system shall be comprised of redundant DC rectifier modules, DC power distribution panels, DC-to-AC redundant inverters, a battery backup including a maintenance disconnect and low voltage protection, and an Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OA&M) system. The batteries shall be comprised of twenty four (24) each VRLA cells and shall provide four (4) hours of emergency backup power at occupied facilities, and eight (8) hours at unoccupied facilities. The DC rectifiers shall be modular to allow for future expansion of transmission equipment by addition of more modules. The rectifier modules shall be hot-swappable and have N+2 redundancy. The DC power distribution shall be comprised of two (A and B feed) primary circuit breaker distribution panels in the DC rectifier cabinet, two (A and B feed) secondary circuit breaker distribution panels in appropriate equipment bays, and low amp fuse panels where appropriate. The DC-to-AC inverter assembly shall be comprised of redundant hot-swappable modules installed in the equipment cabinet at an N+1 configuration, and AC wiring via a circuit breaker panel to equipment bays requiring critical AC power. The OA&M system shall provide local monitoring of the DC power system. The DC power system assemblies must continue their normal operation throughout a controller assembly failure. In addition, existing DC power wiring to equipment shall be corrected to comply with current standards.

2.1.3 Hot Cutover Temporary DC Power System A hot cutover of DC power systems is required at each location. A hot cutover is defined as a cutover from the existing DC power system to the new DC power system, without a loss of power resulting in a disruption of services at the affected facility. Due to space limitations/constraints and other factors at some facilities, the new DC power system shall be installed in the same location as the old DC power system. In order to facilitate a hot cutover at the aforementioned facilities, the contractor shall install a temporary DC power system. The temporary DC power system shall be housed in a single cabinet or rack. It shall have adequate circuit breaker distribution panels and redundant N+1 rectifiers to support the current DC load at all sites. It shall have adequate battery capacity to support a 2 hour run time for the current DC load at all sites, and have a battery disconnect and Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD).

2.1.4 Site Survey and Engineering All engineering and installation tasks shall be in accordance with (IAW) applicable engineering and installation standards, specifications, and installation practices listed in Section 2.2 or Section 9.0. The contractor shall perform detailed site survey of the facilities requiring DC power upgrades. The site survey shall include at a minimum the information required to develop an engineered solution to meet the user requirements defined in this PWS. The results shall be used to develop a Site Survey Report (SSR).

2.1.5 Removal of Existing Equipment The contractor shall de-install the old DC power equipment at each of the sites and dispose as required by applicable laws. The contractor shall disconnect, de-install, dismantle, and remove all displaced and non-operational hardware, power/ancillary equipment, wiring, cables, etc. The contractor shall remove any system anchors, brackets, and racking protruding from the floors and/or walls.

2.2 References. The Contractor shall adhere to the following: TM 5-692-1 and 5-685 Generator Maintenance, UFC 3-560-1, NFPA 70, NFPA 70E, 29 CFR 1910, and NETCOM Regulation 750-2.

3.0 Project Documentation

3.1 These documents are necessary in order to complete the project in a timely manner while accomplishing the objectives and goals.

3.1.1 Site Survey Report (SSR); The SSR provides the technical data of existing facilities, systems, and equipment capabilities that will be utilized during the development of project related documentation. The SSR data will assist the engineering staff in properly accomplishing the requirements established in the PWS. The SSR shall identify any site preparation requirements that must be performed before installation. The contractor shall develop a system design diagram based on the data collected from the Site Survey. Additionally, the contractor shall develop a SSR checklist, and shall provide the checklist to the Government for review and approval 30 days prior to any site survey.

3.2.1 Engineering Installation Package (EIP) The EIP provides system and equipment installation instructions that allows for a sequential stepped installation effort that can be accomplished in a timely manner. Also contained in the EIP is the List of Materials, associated site specific drawing package, supporting project documentation. The EIP drawing package provides floor plan, rack elevation, installation details, wiring diagrams, power wiring diagrams, and miscellaneous drawings providing installation details for the installation team. The associated drawing package that supports the EIP provides engineering drawings, but is not limited to the following drawings:

Drawing Index. The Drawing Index provides a drawing list all associated drawings that are included in the EIP drawing package.

Site Plan. The Site Plan drawing shall identify the site plan layout and all structural facilities that will be impacted by this project.

Floor Plan. The Floor Plan drawing provides a floor plan layout of the facility to include dimensions and structural detail and proposed cabinet placement.

Rack Elevations. The rack elevation shall reflect the equipment placement in each equipment cabinet and identify the equipment cabinet numbering scheme.

Power Distribution Systems. Drawings shall provide details of raceways, and shall include the following information type of raceway, mounting, securing, and connecting hardware. Drawings shall include a materials list that provides, at a minimum, the manufacturer, and part number.

Power Panel/Circuit Breaker/Load Assignments. Drawings shall include a single-line electrical power distribution drawing and materials list that provides information on the type, manufacturer, and part number for all equipment used. Power panel schedules shall be provided on drawings and in each power panel.

Grounding System Design. Drawings shall include details for wire size and type and each type of connection in the grounding system. Drawings shall include a materials list that provides, at a minimum, the manufacturer, and part number for all items to be used.

Cable Layouts/Schematics/Diagrams. These drawings shall be level 3 type drawings, which shall include details on pin-to-pin wire schematics, signal flow, and signal descriptions for each conductor, and gender of cable connectors.

System Interconnect Diagrams. The Systems Interconnect Diagrams shall identify all connectivity to the various systems and subsystems supporting the project

Major List of Materials (MLOM). The MLOM shall identify all major items that are being installed under this project.

Installation List of Materials (ILOM). The ILOM shall also be identified reflecting all installation materials required to install and interconnect the MLOM.

All drawings shall be delivered in AutoCAD, and all documentation shall be delivered in Microsoft Word format. In addition, all final as-built drawings and documentation shall be delivered in portable document format (PDF).

3.3 Equipment Manuals

3.3.1 The contractor shall provide vendor manuals for all major equipment items, and leave one copy of all pertinent manuals on each site. One (a) copy of all manuals shall be provided to the NEC Fort Huachuca.

3.4 Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

3.4.1 The contractor shall develop an ATP for the system and equipment engineering validation (EV) and acceptance testing (AT). At a minimum, the ATP shall test the functionality of all interfaces and perform a battery load test in accordance with the test procedures in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 1188-2005 and manufacturers’ guidance. The ATP shall be provided to NEC Fort Huachuca 30 days prior to testing for review and approval. The testing shall include turn up of all systems, the testing of each rectifier module and battery cell to ensure they operate IAW specification. Testing of the remote management capabilities to ensure that alarms are being collected as programmed and the management of each node remotely is demonstrated. Furthermore the contractor shall test the battery dwell time in the event that the rectifier fails.

3.5 Acceptance Test Report (ATR)

3.5.1 The ATR provides the test data results of the system and equipment engineering validation (EV) and acceptance testing (AT). These tests are performed to ensure that the system components are operational and meet factory performance and system design parameters. In the event during the EV and AT a defective component is identified corrective actions shall be implemented to repair or replace that component. The intent is for the contractor to adequately demonstrate the PWS requirements to NEC Fort Huachuca QA representative to support system cutover and acceptance. The contractor has the responsibility to ensure the entire system is completely tested prior to cutover. The contractor shall ensure requirements are fully functional after cutover. The Government shall have the opportunity to witness any or all installation and testing, and the contractor shall document and make available to the NEC Fort Huachuca all results. The system cutover shall not occur without specific NEC Fort Huachuca approval.

3.6 Cutover Plan

3.6.1 A cutover plan shall be developed by the contractor to ensure that at the completion of the EV and AT the systems can perform a hot cutover and continue to provide uninterrupted services. The cutover plan shall identify the requirements and responsible agencies assigned to support the system cutover. The cutover drawing package can be utilized as a future trouble shooting tool. The contractor shall develop a plan of action to prevent or minimize any disruption of the active service. The cutover plan shall be provided to the NEC Fort Huachuca 30 days prior to cutover for review and approval. Any service effective outages shall be coordinated in advance with the operation and maintenance (O&M) command.

3.7 DD Form 250

3.7.1 The contractor shall prepare a DD Form 250 that shall list all major end items, and card components with serial numbers and model numbers so that the government can pick these items up on their property book.

3.8 Red-Line Drawing Package

3.8.1 Red-line drawings shall be developed during installation to identify any on sites changes or modifications. One set of red-line drawings shall be provided to the NEC Fort Huachuca. The submission of red-line drawings is not acceptable for the as-built package submission.

3.9 As-Built Drawing Package

3.9.1 After the completion of the project the As-Built Drawings shall be provided to NEC Fort Huachuca. The As-Built Drawings reflect all installation modifications and changes that were encompassed under the project.

3.10 Deliverables

3.10.1 The contractor shall provide the following deliverable items in fulfillment of the contract.

Site Survey Checklist
Site Preparation Requirements
System Design Diagram
Detailed Engineering Design
Engineering Diagrams
LOM (major item LOM and installation LOM).
Cutover Plan
DD 250’s
Red-Line Drawings
As-Built Drawings


4.1 Material Procurement

4.1.1 The Contractor shall be responsible for the development and procurement of the installation material, associated equipment, installation tools, and test equipment for this project. There will no government furnished equipment (GFE), installation tools, or test equipment provided to the contractor. All material purchased for this project must be approved by the NEC Fort Huachuca. Prior to the installation, the Contractor shall perform a complete inventory of all installation materials and equipment using the same inventory checklist provided to NEC Fort Huachuca. The Contractor shall immediately notify NEC Fort Huachuca of any missing or damaged items that shall affect the project timeline.

4.1.2 The Contractor shall be responsible for procurement of all materials approved for this project. Items noted by the vender as having a long lead time must be immediately identified and reported to the NEC Fort Huachuca Project Lead, so adjustments to the timeline are properly incorporated into the project.

4.1.3 Project installation shall not start until NEC Fort Huachuca can verify that 100% of the material and equipment is on hand and material procurement and delivery of all equipment deemed necessary to complete the project.

4.2 Approval of Materials

4.2.1 If NEC Fort Huachuca find materials or the finished product in which materials are used, or work performed are not in conformance with the plans and specifications and have resulted in an inferior or unsatisfactory product, the work or materials shall be removed and replaced.

4.3 Material Safety

4.3.1 The Contractor is required to furnish an English language version of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each hazardous material used or stored on the project site. Materials and equipment shall be new and not used, and be the standard products of a Contractor who regularly engages in the construction business. No items provided shall be primed or painted with lead-based primer or paint.

4.4 Equipment Compatibility

4.4.1 The Contractor is responsible for verifying that all interface equipment and installation material purchased for this project shall be compatible with USG communication systems and/or U.S. specifications.

4.5 Lodging and Transportation

4.5.1 There is no Government lodging or transportation available.

4.6 Equipment Storage

4.6.1 Equipment transportation and storage on site is the responsibility of the contractor.

4.7 Warranty

4.7.1 All equipment shall be warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a minimum of 2 years for parts and labor after installation and acceptance. Additional optional years pricing shall be provided. Detailed terms and conditions of warranty shall be provided.

4.8 Post Warranty Support and Change of Status Notification

4.8.1 The contractor shall ensure that the manufacturer of the equipment selected shall provide support in the form of repair/return services for a period of up to 10 years from the date of the last sale. Notification shall be given not less than 1 year ahead of any change of status from regular production to maintenance only.

4.9 Training

4.9.1 The contractor shall provide for one (1) on-site DC power systems operation, administration, and maintenance courses. The contractor shall prepare an “operation, administration, and maintenance lesson plan”, and deliver it to the NEC Fort Huachuca for review and approval 30 days before the start of the class. At the discretion of NEC Fort Huachuca, the contractor shall arrange the first class for vendor-provided training on-site prior to installation. The training courses shall provide instruction on DC power system operation, administration, maintenance procedures, trouble shooting procedures, OA&M operation, and configuration procedures. All course materials shall be in both electronic format and hardcopy/binders, and provided to the student. The vendor shall propose the course duration. The course shall accommodate training for up to six students.

4.10 Site Access

4.10.1 The contractor shall coordinate with the NEC Fort Huachuca Point of Contact (POC) to obtain any required temporary badges and vehicle registrations. All contractor personnel shall comply with established security procedures for entering the installation and its facilities, including special security procedures for entry to restricted or controlled areas. The Government reserves the right to refuse access on a case-by-case basis. Personnel performing the installation of equipment at the various facilities shall not be required to have a security clearance.

4.11 Minimum Essential Spare Parts

4.11.1 The Contractor shall separately identify the manufacturer recommended minimum essential spares for NEC Fort Huachuca approval. The Contractor shall provide the NEC Fort Huachuca approved minimum essential spare parts for equipment and systems provided under this effort. The Contractor shall restock any spare parts utilized during the warranty period.

4.12 Test and Maintenance Equipment

4.12.1 The Contractor shall separately identify the recommended test and maintenance equipment for NEC Fort Huachuca approval. The Contractor shall provide the government approved test and maintenance equipment for equipment and systems provided under this effort.

4.13 Operations and Maintenance

4.13.1 The Contractor shall coordinate with NEC Fort Huachuca for the turnover of all system maintenance agreements and system components, to include spare parts, to the NEC Fort Huachuca. The O&M command shall assume operations and maintenance responsibility, as well as, sustainment responsibility once systems have been inspected and activated.

5.0 Place of Performance. Work shall be performed on Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613- 6000, at the buildings mentioned above in paragraph 2.1.1.

5.1 Hours of Work. The Contractor shall conduct all work at the specified government sites between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (0800 – 1600), Monday through Friday, excluding observed holidays.


6.1 Clearances. U.S. citizenship is required for all personnel who will be on-site performing the work. Contractor personnel do not require a security clearance for this work effort. In accordance with FAR subpart 37.114, all Contractor personnel working in Government buildings where their status is not obvious are required to identify themselves as such to avoid being mistaken for Government officials. Contractors performing work at Government workplaces will provide their employees with an easily readable identification (ID) badge indicating the employee’s name, the Contractor’s name, the functional area of assignment, and a recent color photograph of the employee. Contractors shall require their employees wear the ID badges visibly when performing work at Government workplaces.

6.2 Privacy Act. Work on this task does not require access to information governed by the Right to Privacy Act.

6.3 Security. The Contractor shall submit for inspection any equipment that has the ability to produce an image of any area or equipment that may be deemed sensitive or classified by the NEC and the U.S. Army. The NEC Security Office reserves the right to inspect such equipment upon the Contractor’s entry and departure at the NEC worksites. The Contractor, and authorized representatives, shall abide and comply with all Army and Fort Huachuca policies and regulations pertinent to security, Force Protection, and Anti-Terrorism. These projects may require access to controlled or sensitive facilities. Contractor employees shall be escorted by a government employee at all times while working in government controlled or sensitive facilities.

7.0 SAFETY. The Contractor shall perform all work on the NEC locations to comply with the requirements of NFPA 70-E, NFPA 70 (NEC), and UFC 3-560-01. The Contractor shall comply with federal, state, and local occupational safety, environmental laws, rules, and regulations and the provisions of AR 385-10 to include supplements issued by NETCOM/9th SC (A) and subordinate commands. The Contractor shall provide for the safety/health and well-being of personnel employed in the performance of this contract. The Contractor shall follow life and safety codes and take necessary actions to avoid conditions that may be hazardous to the safety and health of NEC and installation personnel. The Contractor shall establish a safety and health program showing the methods and procedures for ensuring compliance with the above requirement and provide a copy to the NEC POC prior to the first visit. All Contractor employees performing required maintenance and service methods, procedures, and tasks shall be by a “qualified person.” Hazard assessments will be performed by the Contractor prior to performing any work on or near exposed energized conductors or circuits. The Contractor shall provide employees with the appropriate personal protective equipment and training as prescribed in applicable safety requirements. The Contractor shall notify the NEC POC within three working days of all safety and health deficiencies identified and corrective actions taken during performance of their work tasks. The Contractor shall notify the NEC POC within one hour of hazardous substance spills or disposals. The government reserves the right to conduct unannounced safety inspections at any time. The NEC POC may require the Contractor to cease operations associated with the performance of this contract for reasons of safety violation(s). The Contractor shall be responsible for the cost of any overtime required to correct any safety violation caused by Contractor personnel. Lastly, daily cleanup is a requirement of this contract and will be strictly enforced.

8.0 POINT OF CONTACT (POC): Scott Carrier, work phone: 520-533-1791, email:

9.0 References. The Contractor shall adhere to the following:

AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program
AR 385-40 Accident Reporting and Records
DA PAM 385-10 The Army Safety Program
NETCOM/9th SC (A) Reg 385-1 Safety and Occupational Health
NETCOM/9th SC (A) Reg 750-2 Battery Management Program
TM-5-692-1 & 5-685 Generator Maintenance
UFC 3-560-1 Operation and Maintenance: Electrical Safety
NFPA 70 National Electrical Code
NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace
29 CFR 1910 OSHA Regulation (Standard)


Contractor: Refers to the business or firm, which successfully wins the government contract and is responsible for the delivery of all equipment, hardware and services listed in this Performance Work Statement.

Government: The US Army Signal Network Enterprise Center (NEC) at Fort Huachuca, recipient of all equipment, hardware and services listed in this Performance Work Statement.

LVD: Low Voltage Disconnect

NEC: Network Enterprise Center PDS: Power distribution system

Turn-Key: Refers to a fully functional and operational system or solution which requires no additional services or hardware to function as intended.


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