13 Nov 2018

UK-US Transatlantic Partnership

UK Defence Minister Stuart Andrew was in Washington earlier this month to discuss the present and future relationship between the UK and US defence sector. As part of his visit, Mr Andrew met with some of the biggest names in the US defence industry.


UK – US Defence Partnership

While in the US, Mr Andrew met with Thomas Modly, the US Navy Under Secretary and Ryan McCarthy, the US Army Under Secretary, to discuss the capabilities of and priorities for the continuous collaboration between the two Armed Forces.

The Minster said:

“Just as our Armed Forces’ capabilities are effectively intertwined, so too are our industries. We are now moving even nearer the goal of full interoperability, leveraging the talent, strength and innovation of both our Defence industries to meet the challenges of the future.”


Industrial transatlantic partnership

The UK and US are the biggest overseas suppliers to each other’s militaries and have worked closely on numerous key projects. In a move to reinforce stronger industrial partnerships, Mr Andrew also met with big players in the American defence industry, including Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing and General Dynamics.

Mr Andrew said:

“Over the years, the deep UK-US alliance has endured through two World conflicts, the chill of the Cold War, and the continuing struggle against extremist terror. Today our forces work highly effectively together across the globe – on land and sea, in the air, space and cyberspace. We are stronger together.”


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