30 Jul 2019

UK to send troops to Mali for UN peacekeeping

The UK will send troops to Mali as part of UN peacekeeping operations to improve stability in the Sahel region.

The UK will send troops to the region in 2020 as part of UN peacekeeping efforts to establish stability in Eastern Mali. Around 250 troops will be deployed for an initial 3 year period.

The UK will join an international force of around 12,500 troops from 30 countries and will deliver a long-range reconnaissance capability, providing greater awareness of possible threats and contributing to the protection of civilians. The UK will aim to work stabilising surrounding states and address the root causes of conflict.

FCO Minister for the Commonwealth and United Nations Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon said: “UN peacekeeping is one of the Security Council’s most visible and important ways to respond to conflict, and we are proud of the contribution UK personnel make to this global effort.”

“Our commitment to Mali will follow a highly successful deployment to the UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan, where British engineers and medics have built and repaired hospitals, landing sites and military bases, provided exceptional care for UN personnel and helped raise delivery standards for healthcare providers in South Sudan.”

UK staff officers will also be sent to UN headquarters to assist with missions and will work on a training programme for troops from other partnering nations. The UN’s mission in Mali includes a zero-tolerance approach to issues such as sexual violence and a focus on protecting human rights through ongoing communication with the Malian population on the conflict.

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