14 Feb 2018

UK Industry Export Control Forum

6 JUNE 2018 – LONDON

The Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD) will be seeking to complement the existing UK Export Control Forum, as well as the highly valued training courses which are organised by the Export Control Joint Unit, by holding a one-day supporting event for the benefit of those individuals and companies who have not been able to attend any of the Forums that have taken place.

Subjects to be covered include: Policy – criteria, quad, sanctions, Brexit; What is controlled – control list, checker tools, end-use; Licences available – SIELs, OIELs, OGELs, EUGEAs, OGTCLS, transhipment, Crown Exemption; How to get them – SPIRE/LITE, what is needed for a good application, MOD F680; What to do when you get them – CHIEF, CITEX, C88; Compliance Brief advice on other countries; and Case Studies in workshops.

The target audience for this event is practitioners from beginners to intermediate. To register your interest, contact jemma.keen@adsgroup.org.uk.


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