15 Apr 2019

U.S Military seeks CMR reception capabilities for communications

Viasat next-generation link 16 products achieve advanced Concurrent Multiple Reception Capabilities (CMR) sought by U.S. Military.

The US government is seeking out CMR capabilities in link 16 products to improve communication systems and reduce congestion on networks. CMR allows systems to receive multiple messages simultaneously, as opposed to traditional legacy radios.

Viastat, a global communications company, announced the successful integration of CMR into its link 16 products. It is now featured in AN/PRC-161 Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System – Dismounted (BATS-D) handheld Link 16 radio and the Viasat Move out / Jump off (MOJO) expeditionary tactical gateway system and Viasat’s other embedded product lines

Ken Peterman, President of Government Systems at Viasat said: “We listen to our customers, understand their pain points and develop products and capabilities that will better serve the needs of today’s warfighter,” 

“Our proven non-developmental item (NDI) business model is designed to deliver new capabilities significantly faster, at lower lifecycle costs and with lower risk to the customer when compared to traditional acquisition programs and timelines. Bringing CMR capabilities into our Link 16 portfolio will allow military personnel to have battlefield depth—creating a networked force that will have significantly shorter decision cycles, increased effectiveness and improved safety.”

It is hoped that the new tech will allow for vital communications to be more easily transmitted during crucial missions. The US Military could use the developments to allow more units to access mission data and provide a smoother way of communicating on the battlefield.

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